Our Company

Based in Denver, Colorado DTS has decades of experience in new technology adoption dating back to the early 2000's with the introduction of parallel computing and databases to the latest analytical systems using graph based data science. This long view of technology and software allow us to create low-friction solutions for introducing new technologies into existing environments without exploding operational cost in DevOps and maintenance.

A key solution pattern for us includes integrating Cloud based Data Streaming solutions that pull operational data from legacy data stores into Neo4j Knowledge and Analytic Graphs then serving up analytics in a light weight GraphQL services layer. These types of solution patterns allow small and large enterprises a first and non-obtrusive step into graph technology and more importantly begin the process of unlocking the often hidden value of connected data.

Company Goals

Our company goals are simply, we want to bring graph technology into the mainstream. We do this based upon a deep understanding of graph technology and just as importantly an understanding of the complexity of existing environments that keep many of today's businesses afloat.