Project Portfolio

Elsevier SciVal analyzes ~70 million research articles by citations, reach, organization and topic areas. This Knowledge Graph comprised of billions of elements enabled by Neo4j Clustering, AWS Compute, AWS Lambda, and CloudWatch are feed real-time user transactions by a low-latency AWS Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK) and when combined represents a new class of analytics for this world-class analytics company.

This novel Travel & Restaurant recommendation engine was based upon user-generated-content (UGC) and a Natural Language Processing/Topic Model pipeline for sentiment term and topic analysis for summary visualization; then further processed via AI/ML to construct similarity vectors for comparison. Want to find your favorite Colorado restaurant in Bangladesh, TravelShark could show you.

Zachry Group is one of the largest privately held Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies in the US. When they start a large project they incorporate the effort for accounting and liability purposes. These Project are then executed as independent entities with rigorous job cost accounting, budgeting, performance, balance sheets and income statements through the life of the project. This extensive software modernization project involved corporate accounting, vendor management job analytics, asset management and modernization of close to 1 million lines of Fortran programming.

WAVi is an all-in-one brain measurement platform which provides objective information about brain function. The WAVi system uses well-established evoked EEG technology to record electrical signatures of the brain, providing doctors, researchers and wellness experts with actionable, data-driven reports. This FDA approved Medical Device represents years of work with a world-class set of Physicians, Neurologists, Technologies and AI/ML engineers.

Neo4j is the leader in Commercial Graph DB with an ecosystem of tools and components. These along with advanced Graph Data Science libraries and algorithms are driving insights into commercial organizations not previously seen. DTS subcontracts with Neo4j.

Performance Engineering project to execute a Proof-of-Concept against early TB-class parallel databases. Designed and Executed multivendor performance benchmarks simulating production functional requirements.

Worked on the design and development of the FedEx package logistics and scan processing system, which drove the overnight delivery of millions of packages. The solution was based upon the shared-nothing database and computing architecture, where the system supported almost linearly scalable transaction workloads in one of the first IBM SP MPP computing implementations.

Performance remediation of Charles Schwab Client Services system after a previous deployment failed. We established and tested critical functions prior to go-live and supported the successful release to 5000 users.

Edison Interactive is an advance cloud content management systems that drives interactive digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising and experiences. They chose Neo4j's graph database technology to manage guest multichannel events and interactions. DTS provide new technology adoption and implementation services; establishing an MVP solution in the first 30-day sprint.

Architected a generic product recommendations engine based upon a early ML engine that used dynamic user-preferences to recommend product within categories.

Jeppesen offers navigational information, operations planning tools, flight planning products and software for commercial and governmental air/see travel. This project was responsible for alerting navigators of changes to airport and terminal changes via Jeppesen charting.

At the time Invesco was managing over $10bn in funds and ran internal Shareholder Accounting, Portfolio Management, Revenue Expense and Marketing. This multi-year modernization touched all of these departments and internal processes; along with oversight across a large team of developers, analysis and technologists.

FirstUSA was supporting a set of data analytics services for financial services and needed a large scale analytics processing environment. We developed a parallel computing solution based upon Oracle and Pyramid MPP loosely-coupled computing architecture. This 60-node server executed parallel query analytics orders of magnitude then there prior environments and enabled there next generation service offering.

Tanning Technology was one of the first consultancies in the big data space and was responsible for benchmarking and implementing the earliest commercial parallel computing platforms on Unix/Oracle. High-Performance engineering, testing and remediation were core to the service offerings.

Developed a customized Performance Engineering environment for the consumer Banking group. This project instrumented the end-to-end software environment that underwent load, stress and failover testing to validate production operations.

Provide design and deployment services to one of the worlds largest Electronic Medical Record systems. This highly complex and integrated system involved modeling system performance workloads via event simulation techniques to determine system viability.

Oxford Health was one of the original healthcare provides a cost-based healthcare provider based upon a customized Electronic Medical System based upon Oracle application and parallel computing infrastructure.

Individual store distribution and capacity modeling was developed to determine inventory for existing as well as new video releases. This initial implementation marketing programs and product offerings for several years, until succumbing to internet based solutions (i.e. Netflix.)

Legal Client / Matter based system used to determine conflict of interest for new Client and business (i.e. Matters.) Additional work on

A novel Healthcare analytics platform that performed Activity-Based-Costing through-out a hospitals departmental activity. This analytics executed dynamic algorithms that computed cost across, labor, depreciating assets, real-estate, materials and overhead expenses.

Implementation of distributed computing platform synchronizing multiple remote databases along with a large scale database server environment.

Lara Bar sponsors Nike Women's Marathon, we developed a live-streaming media display for all tweets and text messages identified for the event. This near realtime processing performed basic NLP classification and filtering.